Swift, Secure and
Low Cost Payments

Get paid effortlessly and efficiently manage your business with our low-cost all-in-one device.

We guarantee to beat your current deal and save you up to 40% on card payments!

How does it work?

It serves as the all-in-one card machine, handling tasks ranging from item management and payment processing to receipt printing and seamless transactions. Reliable and intuitive, it empowers you to kickstart your sales quickly.

Taking payments

NuvolaPAY processes payments in seconds, whether they’re made with cash or card.

Point of Sale device

Including Electronic Point of Sale software it can easily handle all your necessities in one device.

Printing receipts

Process payments and print receipts on the go either on the device or at the printer.

Suitable for any business

Regardless of your industry, NuvolaPAY provides seamless control over all aspects of your business operations.

Low cost transaction fee

Quick setup

Next day payment

No hidden fees

Excellent support

FREE EPOS software included

Payment methods

NuvolaPAY accepts every way your customer wants to pay.

Chip and PIN cards

Insert chip and PIN cards into the card terminal and let customers securely enter their PIN on the device.

Contactless cards

Let customers tap their contactless debit and credit cards on the device, and complete the sale in seconds.

Mobile devices

Use the card machine to also accept smartphones and watches with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Support, but just on another level

We take those extra steps to set you up for success.

A helpdesk dedicated to you, our customer

One-stop-shop packages to suit

A team with amazing product knowledge

Fully programmed, trained and QA checked

Proven track record of customer satisfaction

How much does the NuvolaPAY card machine cost?

Our commitment to you is to save you money and a cast iron guarantee to beat your current deal. Get a quote now

Why choose NuvolaPAY payment device?

NuvolaPAY offers businesses a secure and user-friendly payment solution, combining cost-efficiency with ease of use for seamless financial transactions.